How to find the motivation to lose weight

Every overweight person has tried a diet at least once in their life to keep their body beautiful and fit. Few reached the victorious goal. Properly chosen motivation to lose weight and a well-crafted plan of action helped the lucky ones achieve results. The long-awaited award more than made up for the efforts. And the hardships left behind turned into a bull. An analysis of studies conducted by scientists at the University of California, Los Angeles, showed that the majority of people who resorted to the principles of strict diets were left with nothing. Some of them were never able to lose a single gram, and someone returned the melt weight with a good increase, as soon as they abandoned the strict restrictions.

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Motivation to lose weight: 70 beauty tips

The secret to losing weight lies in a holistic approach to weight loss. Experts admit that a pre-prepared program that explains the motivation to lose weight every day can work miracles. If you are determined to succeed and you are sure of an unconditional victory, read the advice of psychologists.

Believe me, you have something to fight for, because the main prize in the form of a lean, relieved body awaits ahead. Anyone can follow the recommendations, regardless of age, gender, weight, eating habits, and level of physical activity. By observing the rules below, you will quickly get in shape and become a role model. So, let's go. TOP 70 secrets to motivate you to lose weight:

  1. Eat More Often - Don't think skipping meals is the key to a leaner body. Research published in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association has shown that three meals a day with two snacks between meals can help you lose extra pounds.
  2. Hunger for exercise: According to a study from the University of Bath, eating before exercise hinders fat loss. Go to the gym on an empty stomach, and you will see the weight melt before our eyes.
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  4. Sleep in a cool room: sleeping at a temperature of 18-19 degrees Celsius for 10 hours a day increases the body's metabolic activity by 10%. This is evidenced in materials from Virginia Commonwealth University and the Garvan Institute of Australia.
  5. Contract your muscles whenever you are tempted to eat a piece of chocolate or something harmful. Consumer Research magazine published data on how to find motivation to lose weight in simple things. According to the researchers, muscle contraction significantly affects a person's willpower and allows him to cope with temptation without internal tremors.
  6. Eat from blue plates - cold color satisfies hunger and does not whet your appetite.
  7. Hold on with the help of safe phrases: do not whip yourself for past failures, as a result of which you have not been able to lose weight. Stand in front of a mirror and tell yourself with confidence that you are going to do everything you can to achieve your goal. This move is ideal for those who don't know where to find the motivation to lose weight in order to get a little closer to their dream.
  8. Go to bed early: It is extremely important that those who are losing weight do not stay up late. Research from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine shows that not getting enough sleep and staying up late can contribute to weight gain. If you consider yourself an owl, reboot. Readjust your internal clock to get used to the new routine. Believe, you will make it!
  9. Equip a home gym - it will be enough to buy a mini stepper, a treadmill, an exercise bike or an elliptical complex to exercise regularly. You can exercise more often at home than at the gym, while keeping everything you need close at hand.
  10. girl doing an exercise with a jump rope
  11. Get more sleep: women who sleep less than 5 hours a day gain more weight than those who sleep more than 7 hours.
  12. Breathe in the scents of vanilla - Enjoying the sweet scents can make you feel like you've recently eaten something delicious. Natural vanilla bean is the best choice for you.
  13. Stop spending a lot of time watching television: Research in Nutrition magazine showed that weight gain is observed in users who watch television more than 2 hours a day. This simple matter increases the consumption of fats and sugars. And this has a detrimental effect on the shape of the body.
  14. Enlist the support of a partner - The strong shoulder of a significant person will allow you to achieve results faster. If you do not know where to find the motivation to lose weight, look for it among your loved ones.
  15. Throw away all gum stock and do not try to buy it in the future. Materials published in the journal Eating Behaviors show that chewing gum reduces the likelihood of eating healthy foods, particularly fruits and vegetables.
  16. Eliminate the use of diet soda: Although this product is calorie-free, its use in food threatens additional inches on the waist and abdomen.
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  18. Increase Your Vitamin D Dose - Sun supplementation is essential for overweight people. You can increase the content of the component in the blood by staying longer in the sun and eating foods with vitamins.
  19. Make it a rule to get up earlier for the morning sun; If you want to lose weight, set the alarm a couple of hours before. Research from Northwestern University of America found a link between morning sun exposure and a decrease in body mass index (BMI).
  20. Increase your intake of pure water: drink fluids throughout the day, as if you were sipping a delicious cocktail on the coast. Scientists have long shown that quenching thirst and maintaining proper cellular hydration can help you lose weight.
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  22. Drink a cup of green tea daily - the combination of caffeine and epigallocatechin gallate helps maintain a healthy weight.
  23. Do not wait for the feeling of hunger: let the distance between meals be less, then you will not pounce on the food like a hungry wolf. This will eliminate overeating and reduce the risk of metabolic diseases.
  24. Eliminate salt from your diet: It is not a very high-calorie food, but scientists at the University of Helsinki have shown a link between salt and obesity. Lovers of this spice with a pronounced taste are also at high risk of stroke and coronary heart disease.
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  26. Do short interval workouts - They are more effective than traditional sports, so they can help you lose fat faster. Additionally, short workouts increase insulin sensitivity and improve cardiovascular health.
  27. Visualize Your Success - Visualize in vivid pictures what you will become when your goal is achieved. Information from the magazine showed that picture sketches in their own minds helped weightlifters increase muscle activity during training. With the same success, you can accelerate fat burning with special training.
  28. Get addicted to yoga: these exercises will not burn as many calories as possible, but they will contribute to the formation of correct eating behavior and improve muscle tone.
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  30. Drink coffee: study the advice of a psychologist on how to find the motivation to lose weight, do not forget to read the recommendations of nutritionists. This drink stimulates the metabolism, accelerating the lipolysis processes. The main thing is not to add sugar to the drink, otherwise all efforts will go down the drain.
  31. Take a friend or girlfriend to the gym - Time at the gym will be more enjoyable and more fun.
  32. Eat desserts in the form of strawberries; Despite the sweetness, this berry is allowed. In addition, it promotes weight loss. Strawberries contain the antioxidant pigment resveratrol, which softens the effects of a high-fat diet. The dessert will increase your activity, relieve pain, and reduce inflammation in the body.
  33. woman at the table with herbs and strawberries
  34. Write down your goals: According to a study by the Dominican University of California, people who write goals on paper are more likely to achieve them.
  35. Chat on weight loss forums - Find friends with similar problems. This will help you realize your responsibility, it will be a good motivation to lose weight and demonstrate personal results in the virtual space. You will receive compliments from hundreds of people from other cities and countries. Okay, you will be guaranteed an incredible boost of liveliness. These communities act as self-help groups, where people with the same problems motivate each other to be successful.
  36. Spend time on strength training; don't be afraid that strength training exercises will make your figure bulky. With them, you will not only lose weight, but also increase metabolism, strengthen the heart and blood vessels. The muscular corset will gain clarity and the body shape will become slimmer.
  37. Eliminate beer from the diet - foamy drink is critically harmful to the abdomen and the entire figure. It promotes weight gain, causes abdominal obesity in men and internal fat accumulation in women. Experts advise drinking natural dry wine if you want to take a sip of alcohol. It has fewer calories and is rich in antioxidants.
  38. beer rejection
  39. Don't sleep until lunchtime: This regimen causes weight gain and promotes the desire for fast food.
  40. Focus on quality over quantity - If you want to lose weight and maintain results, don't cut back on portions, but carefully consider your diet in terms of nutritional value. According to a JAMA study, people who opted for more vegetables while cutting back on processed foods lost enough pounds on their way to thinness. To do this, they didn't even have to cut down the portions and count the calories.
  41. Take Selfies - These photos will help you track the dynamics of your weight loss. Take photos and send images to friends with whom you want to share your successes.
  42. Choose fiber: Eat high-fiber foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and bran. This way, you will reach your goal faster and get the result you are striving for.
  43. foods rich in fiber to lose weight
  44. Weigh yourself every day - write your accomplishments in your success journal. Such motivation to lose weight every day will allow you to observe your changes in dynamics. Scientists at the University of Pennsylvania have shown that girls who stepped on the scale every day lost more kilograms than those who weighed themselves once a week.
  45. Don't eliminate all potatoes from your diet; Leave the baked tubers on the skin for a change. Definitely better than salty, greasy, oily fries. But at the same time, the magical taste remains unchanged.
  46. Stock up on ginger: According to researchers at the Texas Cancer Center, this seasoning works wonders in its raw form. With the use of ginger, the weight begins to melt before our eyes.
  47. Add avocados to your meals: regular inclusion of the product in the diet contributes to weight loss. The fruit lowers the BMI, has a beneficial effect on reducing the size of the waist. Avocados are versatile. It can be added to tostadas, sandwiches, omelettes, and herb salads.
  48. a plate with avocado to lose weight
  49. Eat from small plates: On average, a person puts 41% more food on a large plate, unconsciously.
  50. Write down everything you eat during the day - keeping a special diary, according to the observations of experts, allows you to reduce portions by almost half and exclude unnecessary snacks from the diet.
  51. Avoid sweets for breakfast - opt for light Greek yogurt and dried fruit. Soon, your body will be slimmer and fitter.
  52. Keep tempting foods out of sight - ask your family to hide them so they don't attract your attention.
  53. Cut down on meat: Replace this protein source with more fiber-rich nuts or legumes. Try to give preference to lean beef and lamb.
  54. a small portion of meat to lose weight
  55. Don't set global goals; Break them down into smaller steps to go from simple to complex step by step.
  56. Say goodbye to white flour baked goods with no regrets - people with a high intake of refined grains are more likely to have excess belly fat. If you want to lose weight. crackers, crackers, and white bread should leave your table forever.
  57. Determine your motivation to lose weight - Periodically change your motivators so that they always remain relevant. If yesterday you needed to lose weight to improve your health, today set the goal of buttoning a new dress at the waist.
  58. Eat Cinnamon: Even a small addition of cinnamon to your daily cup of coffee will help you lose weight over time.
  59. slimming coffee cinnamon
  60. Do not eat prepared foods: exclude fast foods from the diet. Research from the British Journal of Nutrition has shown that addiction to cooked foods contributes to obesity and an increased risk of belly fat.
  61. Before reaching for the fork, drink a glass of water in the morning; this accelerates metabolic processes, cleanses the intestines of pathogenic flora and prepares the body for fruitful work.
  62. Reduce carbohydrates: Low carbohydrate diets are effective for weight loss and insulin resistance.
  63. Move your lunch to an earlier time: eating lunch 1-2 hours earlier can significantly transform your waistline and lose a few extra pounds.
  64. Cut out alcohol: Alcoholic beverages are destructive to the liver, kidneys, and brain. They only briefly add mood and cause a feeling of euphoria, but over time they worsen general well-being, increasing obesity risks.
  65. Stay longer in the sunlight: Under the influence of a celestial body, fat cells tend to store less fat compared to those in the dark. Remember that staying in the sun for more than 15 minutes a day without UV cream is unacceptable, as this increases the risk of skin cancer.
  66. Eating an apple before dinner will help ease the discomfort of bloating.
  67. apple wrapped with tape measure
  68. Order personal workouts with a trainer in the fitness room - this is a great motivation to lose weight, because it is difficult to work at full strength in such classes.
  69. Learn to accept negative feelings - Losing weight in a good mood is rare. Usually this process is associated with high irritability, aggression on the part of a person who loses weight. Restrictions imposed from all sides have an effect.
  70. Pick a Wardrobe That Suits You: If you're interested in the question of where to get the motivation to lose weight and hit the gym, buy yourself a new fitness outfit. In it you will feel great, which means that the workouts will be carried out with positive energy.
  71. Leave the car at home and go for a walk; of course, driving by car is much more enjoyable, faster and more efficient. You can visit several places at the same time, buy groceries and return home not a little tired. But, if your plans include weight loss, usually leave the car in the garage to give preference to walking, biking, rollerblading or rollerblading. Anything can replace a vehicle if your free time promises to be sporty and active.
  72. Swap ice cream for frozen fruit - a refreshing dessert will quench your thirst for sweets, saturate your body with antioxidants, vitamins and mineral supplements.
  73. Eat Eggs for Breakfast - Most people can eat up to 3 eggs a day without fear. In such an amount, the product will not affect the growth of cholesterol and will help to organize diet meals.
  74. breakfast egg plate for weight loss
  75. Quitting Smoking: The annual meeting of endocrinologists has presented evidence that quitting smoking significantly improves metabolic processes in body tissues.
  76. Tidy up your home - The clean and beautiful rooms will help you organize your meals.
  77. Motivate yourself to be in a good mood, because the positive attitude and the smile help the cause to argue. Create a romantic corner at home or, conversely, open the windows wide, letting clean air and sunlight into your home.
  78. Taking your time while you eat is a monstrous mistake for most adults who don't have free time. Try to chew your food well before daring to swallow it.
  79. Season with black pepper, chili, and other hot ingredients. They will help to cope with obesity and create unique conditions for the fight against extra kilos.
  80. Oddly enough, psychologists allow us to use foul language. The magazine has published an article, the author of which admits that swearing and bad language increase strength and power during sports. Charging yourself with bright emotions and using every opportunity for good, you can achieve more serious weight loss results.
  81. Add apple cider vinegar to water in the morning for a slimmer waist and slimmer figure.
  82. Apples and apple cider vinegar on the thinning table
  83. Eat grapefruit several times a week: this product contributes to the loss of extra pounds and the breakdown of lipid cells in fat deposits.
  84. Listening to soft music while you eat will lower your total calorie intake and allow you to eat less.
  85. If you follow all these rules and the weight still remains in place, try to reduce your anxiety levels as much as possible.

Remember that motivation to lose weight depends on your determination and desire to achieve results. Write your goals down on paper, set a rough timeline for accomplishing them, and make a plan to achieve your goals. The best motivation on the road to success will be daily changes in weight and body volume. Be sure to record them, even if they seem insignificant to you. The walker conquers the path, and your path has already begun!